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Collectible Diecast Cars for Sale – Various Makes

Finding the best diecast cars to collect depends on where you choose to shop for your favorite models. Fairfield Collectibles is the best place to be for high-quality diecast car makes and models. Sit back, relax and browse the various car makes we offer for your collection. If you are looking for specific makes of diecast models, we carry such popular brands as Ford, Chevy, Doge, Pontiac, Ferrari and Lamborghini. If these iconic makes get you revved up, we offer many more. Sign up for our email list to be alerted to the latest deals and discounts for any of these collectible diecast cars for sale.

"Diecast," "die-cast," and "die cast" are various spellings of a term used in the metal casting industry. This term refers to the process of making metal products by casting them in a die.

Early 20th Century Vehicles

Early 20th century diecast car models are in a class by themselves when it comes to distinctiveness and detailing. These are the cars that inspired people to give up the horse and buggy and get on the road with four wheels. There is a lot of history and nostalgia with these vehicles, and if you’ve always admired vehicles made in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, you can now own several of your favorites from these eras. You can find some real beauties in our 1:18 scale size and in other popular sizes.

1950s to 1970s Vehicles

There were many innovations in car design and performance in the 1950s. And that era kicked off an exceptional period of growth in the auto industry as highways and freeways were built to connect motorists with other parts of the country. This boom in car production also created a wonderful array of beloved makes and models that continue to win new generations of fans. Countless collectors from all generations come to Fairfield Collectibles to find great deals on the most collectible dicast cars for sale from this era.

1980s to Modern Vehicles

Every era has its share of cool collectibles and classic diecast cars from the modern area are fun to discover and collect. You may remember these cars from your younger days, and you may have even driven or ridden in some of them. You may also find some dream car models that you’ve always wanted to own — and now you can.