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Diecast Fire & Police

1:18 Scale Diecast Model Police Cars & Fire Trucks

Diecast police cars are a specialty niche within the replica car model world. When you’re ready to grab one (or several) for a collection or for a special display, you can count on finding what you need right here at Fairfield Collectibles. This collection includes classic diecast model police cars from a range of eras, and they are all excellent replicas of real-life police vehicles. Authenticity is important and that’s what you find when you shop with us. You can also find a quality diecast fire engines and police and fire diecast utility vehicles.

Collect Classic and Modern Cruisers

The neat thing about shopping for diecast police cars at Fairfield Collectibles is knowing you can find more than one type of vehicle. Think of us as your number one go-to resource for quality diecast police cruisers and support vehicles from a variety of eras. Enrich your growing collection with police model cars from the 1950s through the 2000s. Collect them all or just the ones that have special meaning for you. If you like bigger models, we do have some diecast police cars at 1:18 scale.

Collect Classic and Modern Fire Vehicles

Both the young and the young at heart love collecting diecast scale model fire trucks, and we have a nice selection of these trucks for the casual and serious collector. We often feature classic and vintage fire engines and fire trucks replicated in every authentic detail. These always make impressive displays for the home or workplace.

Save with Sales and Discounts

As you browse our selection of authentic replica diecast police and firefighting vehicles, you'll find that many are discounted. Some of these replicas are temporarily on sale. Both discounts and temporary sales make shopping with us easy on your wallet. The savings are so good you may want to take a peek at our diecast military vehicle collection to see what bargains you can find there.