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Diecast Replicas

Diecast Model Cars, Trucks and More

Fairfield Collectibles is always here when you need to find die-cast model cars and trucks made with care, quality and a respect for authenticity. Since the mid-1990s, we’ve been a leader in featuring top-of-the-line diecast cars and other models. This includes a wide range of classic and ultra-cool small car replicas and toy car replicas in all the most popular scales plus alternative model scales that are hard to find. Here is where you can find those iconic cars and trucks made by recognized manufacturers. In addition to our great selection of model cars, you'll be thrilled with our prices, discounts and various deals.

The Die-Cast You Want Most

There are diecast toy cars of lower quality that you can find anywhere. But you’re not interested in those models. You prefer iconic vehicle replicas made from quality materials and crafted with the highest workmanship standards. We get it. That’s why we only feature the diecast model cars, trucks, vans and other vehicles you want most. For decades, we’ve been a reliable resource for the best toy car replicas and diecast showpiece model replicas available to collectors. 

There are various ways to spell "diecast," including "die-cast" and "die cast." All these terms refer to the same metal casting process, where dies are used to shape the metal.

Excellent Design Details

Because we are a leading resource for diecast model vehicles, we are sticklers for quality of design. We know you want to see faithful reproductions of every car and we partner with model manufacturers with reputations for delivering high levels of detail. It’s the design details that make model car collecting so much fun. Many of the diecast models featured here have working doors, hoods and trunks, so you can get a good look at their interiors.

Lots of Variety

We don’t want you to ever grow bored with looking at and shopping for diecast replica cars. This is why we offer a selection that is always jam-packed with the coolest vehicles from the past and present. Follow our blog to discover interesting facts about the replicas we sell.