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Diecast Replicas

Diecast Replicas

For collectors the term die cast replica or diecast model refers to any scale model car or scale model truck collectible produced by using the die casting manufacturing method. 

Diecast model cars and trucks are produced in many sizes referred to as scales.  Typically collectors can purchase die-cast cars in scales ranging from 1:18 scale (the largest) to 1:64 scale (the smallest).  One way to help understand the scale is by example.  For instance a 1-18 scale diecast car will be one inch in length for every 18 inches of the real cars length.  A 1:24 scale die cast car will be one inch in length for every 24 inches of the real car.

These collectible model cars are crafted primarily of metal with plastic, rubber and glass details the typical metal used in the diecast process is called Zamak which is an alloy of zinc with small quantities of aluminum and copper.   These alloys are also referred to as white metal.

In order to create a die-cast scale model car the first thing that must be done is to carefully measure and document all of the exterior and interior dimensions of the actual car to be replicated in addition to taking hundreds of photographs.  This is to ensure that the drawings and test models are as authentic and accurate as possible to the real cars.  

Once prototype diecast replicas have been developed they are trimmed, painted and submitted to the licensing agent for approval by the original automobile manufacturer; Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge for example.  All diecast cars manufactured for sale in the U.S. must be licensed by the manufacturer.  This ensures that it is as true to the actual production car as possible and that all the intricate details are accurately reproduced.

Once the prototype is approved it is used to create molds for the production of the actual diecast replicas. These molds are extremely expensive and can cost up to $125,000 for a 1/24 scale die cast and approach $200,000 for a 1:18 scale diecast car!

The selection of diecast replicas in truly amazing.  Collectors can find replica cars and trucks from just about every automobile manufacturer and from every era throughout the history of the automobile.  Regardless if your interest is from the Prewar era, Fifties, Sixties, Muscle Cars or Modern Classics you will find a huge selection of appealing diecast replicas.

These collectible model cars also come in all price ranges from $5.00 (typically small scale Hot Wheels) all the way up to over $400.00.  Many of these higher end diecast (and sometimes resin) models can be found with working features that add interest and details.  Hoods can be opened to view wired and plumbed engines.  Doors open to provide a better look at the authentically recreated interior dashboards, textured seats, carpeting and door panels.  Sometimes you will even find rubber spare tires, lug wrenches and jacks in the truck.   You can even find diecast cars with rotating drive shafts and working suspension components.

The last thing to look for when selected a diecast model is whether the car is a limited edition.  Limited edition collectible model cars add value (and cost) to collectors because only a limited number of that particular car will ever be produced.   Once they sell out from the manufacturer the only way collectors can purchase them is through the secondary market where prices can escalate quickly for hard to find, desirable cars.  

Serialized limited editions can take a diecast car to another level of collectability and price point.  These replicas include a numbered plaque either attached to the car, on the box or on a certificate included with the car.  This will state the edition size and the production number of the specific diecast car purchased in a form similar to:  1 of 500.  In this instance that serial number indicates this to be the first car produced in a series of 500.

We hope you enjoy our website while you explore the thousands of incredible diecast cars we have available for you to examine.

And remember Fairfield Collectibles stands behind everything you purchase with a 90 day money back guarantee to ensure that you love every collectible model cars you purchase from us!  Happy Collecting!

Diecast Replicas

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