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Why 1:18 Scale Model Cars Rock

Choosing the scale for your collectibles involves balancing three elements: your budget, display (or storage) space and the variety of model cars or trucks available. The one choice that makes the fewest compromises is 1:18. Scale model cars in this size can range in price from under 10 dollars to several hundred or more. The overall dimensions of 1:18-scale cars make them manageable for displaying and storing while allowing for a potentially surprising level of detail. Many 1:18-scale diecast cars in our collection feature doors and hoods that open, wheels that roll and masterful interior detailing that authentically replicates its full-sized counterpart.

"Diecast," also spelled "die-cast" or "die cast," refers to a metal casting process. The term derives from "die" (a specialized mold) and "casting," the act of forming metal in the mold.

Shop 1:18 Scale Cars, Trucks and More

Browse our collection for 1:18-scale diecast cars for sale by price point, brand, or the vehicle’s make or year. Whether you’re just embarking on your journey into collectible model cars or filling in missing pieces of your years-long passion project, we’ve got an amazing array of meticulously crafted selections to capture your interest. From Acme to Sunstar brands, 1914 Ford Model Ts to 2021 Corvette Stingray C8s, you can find 1:18-scale model cars for every collector’s sensibilities in our collection.

Your Collection, Our Commitment

At Fairfield Collectibles, we’re committed to supporting the diecast collectible community. We’ve been a trusted source for model replicas of cars, trucks, planes, ships, tractors and more since 1995. Browse our online inventory, request a print catalog and reach out to our friendly staff for expert help with questions and orders. Buy with the confidence of our fast shipping and hassle-free returns. Your collection is your pride — helping it grow is ours.