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Diecast Trucks

Collectible Diecast Trucks – Vintage & Modern Models

Collectible diecast trucks are a lot of fun to shop for, and we know you’re probably excited about what this collection of truck replicas has to offer. Well, there’s quite a bit to see and plenty to get excited about. There’s something here for every type of diecast truck enthusiast. Our selection offers everything from commercial delivery trucks to military trucks and so much more! Browse to find that cool scale model truck that adds more uniqueness to your collection. You can also find replica diecast toy trucks to delight a gift recipient.

The spelling of "diecast" varies, including "die-cast" and "die cast." Regardless of the spelling, it pertains to a casting process involving dies, typically used for metals.

Historic Truck Brands

Trucks have played a huge role in the history of the automobile and quite a few have gone on to become collector favorites. This means that there is a vast treasure trove of historic truck models to reproduce as diecast replicas. And because we want to help you build a collection that makes you happy, we feature the most up-to-date collection of vintage, classic and modern diecast trucks available for sale. Here’s where you can find iconic brands, such as Ford, Chevy, Indian, Plymouth and Studebaker. Many of these models are no longer on the road and the only place to see and enjoy them is at car shows or private collections. You can now create your own unique collection and view it as much as you like.

Fun Trucks and Vans

Having fun is also part of the Fairfield Collectibles shopping experience. And by fun, we mean you can often find some of those fantasy trucks and vans you may recognize from a favorite show or movie. You can also find some commercial trucks associated with iconic consumer brands. For instance, anyone who enjoys collecting Coca-Cola memorabilia may also find a neat vintage Coca-Cola truck to add to their collection.

Rugged Work Trucks and Vehicles

If you are an admirer of commercial diecast toy trucks and vehicles, get ready to have a blast browsing this collection. In addition to standard truck makes and models, you can also find construction vehicles, busses, tractor trailers, semi-trucks and military and police transport vehicles.