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Diecast Scale Model Cars & Trucks - Collectibles

Fairfield Collectibles is your premier resource for finding the top-quality scale model cars and trucks for any collection. We have high standards when it comes to quality of the build and the finish and that means you can always count on us to feature only those diecast cars and trucks that have passed our stringent quality standards. This is the reason why many collectors of diecast model vehicles turn to us as one of their trusted sources. Take some time to relax and look around. You may be surprised and delighted at what you find.

Choose One Size 

Shop by scale size if that’s what you want. Fairfield Collectibles makes it easy and convenient to shop for a specific model scale if that’s your main focus. For instance, you can take the leisurely route and browse this collection to find scale model cars and trucks in 1:18 scale, 1:24 scale and so on. Or you can click “scale” and “view more” at our menu to see the full range of scale sizes we offer. From there, you can select any size to see all the vehicles in a specific size.

While "diecast" is often used, alternative spellings like "die-cast" and "die cast" are also common. These terms all relate to the same manufacturing process involving metal and molds.

Choose Multiple Sizes

Some collectors enjoy two or more scale sizes for diecast models, and if you’re among them, our vast range of scale sizes is sure to bring a smile to your face. From the biggest to the smallest and everything in between — we’ve got all sorts of sizes for you to view and make part of your collection.

Create Your Dream Collection

Make Fairfield Collectibles your go-to resource for quality scale model cars and trucks of all kinds. There is no limit to what kind of collection you can create because we’ve got so many great items. If your dream is to create a collection of 1:64 diecast models like the one you enjoyed as a kid, you can make that dream a reality. If you want to own some of the cool vehicles you admired from your favorite TV shows, you can do that too. We make it possible to dream it and create it.