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Fifties Classics

1950s Classic Diecast Model Cars – All Models

Discover the coolest 1950s diecast model cars when you shop our fantastic selection of authentic replicas. The 1950s is one of the most dynamic periods for car models of all kinds because of the level of creativity among automotive designers and engineers. Designers of that era explored new car shapes and themes that coincided with the new rock ‘n' roll culture and freedom to travel long distances on superhighways and freeways. Families were seeking cars with plenty of style and enough room for the kids. Young single people wanted sporty cars for cruising on the weekends. You can find classic '50s toy cars of all types right here at Fairfield Collectibles.

Excellent Design Authenticity

As you continue collecting 1950s diecast model cars, you'll develop an appreciation for the amazing level of detail that goes into making an authentic-looking replica. Research and paying attention to unique details for each make and model is what separates the high-quality replicas we feature here from those that look inferior. Here you can find 1950s diecast classic cars with authentic-looking windshields, dashboards, steering wheels, seats, tires, engines and body detailing.

In the context of manufacturing, "diecast," "die-cast," and "die cast" are interchangeable terms. They all refer to the method of shaping metal by using a die or mold.

Create an All 50s Collection

If you want to create a collection of diecast classic cars that only focuses on car models from the 1950s, we can help you achieve your goal. Some makes and models to consider are the Chevy Impala, Chevy Bel Air, Chevy Nomad, Ford Thunderbird or T-Bird, Edsel Citation, Studebaker Golden Hawk, Buick Roadmaster and any 1950s Corvette.

Find 1950s Cars for Scene Setting

Our selection of diecast toy cars of the 1950s can also be used to create a realistic backdrop for any '50s theme project. One idea that comes to mind is cars for a miniature railroad traveling through a town. Another idea is to use them as cars for scenic collectible doll poses. They can also add visual pizzazz to a 1950s theme party.