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Military Collectibles

Diecast Military Models – Planes, Tanks & More

Create the kind of military diecast model collection you can be proud of with our collection of high-quality diecast military vehicles. We have a great assortment of the most up-to-date diecast military models for your collecting enjoyment. We think you’ll be happy with what you'll find as you browse through each vehicle we offer. We feature model brands that do the best jobs of replicating those military details that contribute to a model’s authenticity. Whether you collect diecast military planes, diecast military metal and plastic tanks, diecast jeeps, trucks, helicopters or ships, we are the place to find them.

Whether you spell it "diecast," "die-cast," or "die cast," the term is synonymous with a specific type of metal casting process. This process involves using dies to shape metal into various forms.

Rugged Diecast Military Vehicles

Military vehicles are built to withstand all sorts of environmental conditions, and they are a favorite collectible for those who admire their strength and durability. Each type of vehicle has its own unique qualities. We hope you enjoy browsing through our selection of quality diecast army trucks, diecast military jeeps, diecast military transport vehicles and diecast metal or plastic military tanks. These models feature excellent detailing and authentic color finishes that make them impressive additions to any collection.

Cool Military Planes and Helicopters 

If you’re always looking for diecast military planes with impressive details that make them worthy of being displayed, you can find this type of quality among our military offerings. Discover a cool WWII era military plane with expertly replicated markings or find those sleek, modern replicas of military planes made by such contractors as Boeing and Northrop Grumman. 

Impressive Military Ships

Are you a fan of military ships? Great! Find one of our featured diecast model military ships and bring it home to create a display that offers plenty of wow factor. Well-made model military ships tend to be rare finds so when you do find one that you desire, you should immediately place it into your shopping cart. Keep in mind that when a model ship of significance is sold out, it usually goes way up in value on the secondary market. We recommend grabbing one now at our great prices!