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1:64 Scale Diecast Models – Diecast Cars & Trucks


Collecting 1:64 scale diecast cars and trucks is a never-ending adventure when you shop at Fairfield Collectibles. As experts and enthusiasts of 1:64 diecast collectibles, we are always on the lookout for exciting finds in this size, and we deliver the best of what is currently available right here!. Quality of workmanship and detailing is always foremost on our list of standards, and the models we offer will stand the test of time while looking great in your collection.

"Diecast" (also written as "die-cast" or "die cast") is a term used in metalworking, signifying the production of items by forcing molten metal into a mold under high pressure.

A Fun to Shop Collection

Part of the fun of shopping for 1:64 diecast cars and other vehicles at Fairfield Collectibles is making exciting discoveries. It’s common for collectors such as yourself to come to our site looking for a specific model and quickly find that there is more than one type of scale model that draws your interest. Well, we say, relax and enjoy it! 

Accurate Detailing for Authenticity

When you invest in 1:64 diecast cars you want to see those details done right. This is where authenticity comes into play. We do our best to select manufacturers with reputations for doing excellent jobs of duplicating essential details for each replica. Typically, the more authenticity a model offers, the more valuable it is for your collection. Since we want everyone to enjoy favorite makes and models, you may see the same type of car made by different manufacturers offered at different scales and prices. All of them work hard to ensure the details are impressive enough for you to add to your display of collectible diecast cars.

Collect 1:64 Scale Work Vehicles

Another reason to shop this collection is to find those amazing 1:64 diecast trucks and work vehicles that you admire. Browse to find a premium selection of mail trucks, police trucks and wagons, delivery vans, dump trucks, Mack trucks, wrecker trucks and other service trucks. If you need a truck in this scale size for your collection, our variety of trucks is outstanding.