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Ford Scale Diecast Cars & Trucks – Classic & Modern

The brand name Ford is iconic in the world of diecast model cars. Generations of car lovers have admired and appreciated the evolution of Ford car makes and models. Because of its vast inventory of vehicle creations, Ford diecast car collectors have plenty of options when it comes to style. Fairfield Collectibles is the best place to find currently available, top-rate Ford diecast cars and trucks from way back when to the modern era. If you are always on the lookout for another Ford diecast model browse this collection to find your next must-have model. We also recommend joining our email list, so you can stay informed about the latest Ford diecast models offered here.

The term "diecast" and its variations, "die-cast" and "die cast," all denote a method of metal casting where a mold, known as a die, is used to shape the metal.

Vintage Ford Coupe and Roadster

Imagine what it must have been like in the early days of the automobile when people saw a Ford coupe or roadster coming down the road. They had shiny paint and innovative features, such as rumble seats and tops that pulled down, turning cars into convertibles. Now imagine yourself finding one of these roadsters in a scale model replica that captures all of those cool features, plus other details car owners back then loved. The look of these cars are just as impressive now as they were in days gone by and just as fun to own.

Classic Ford Sports Cars

Ford is a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of sports cars for the consumer. We are excited to carry some of Ford’s most revered and powerful sporty models. If you’re a fan of the early Ford Hot Rod, Ford Thunderbird or any version of the classic mid-century Ford Mustang, you can often find these car models among our selection.

Nostalgic Ford Trucks

There’s something comforting about those old Ford trucks that makes you want to own one or more for your collection. The bodies of these Ford diecast trucks are sturdily designed, and the truck beds look like they can hold plenty of weight. Add a vintage pickup truck to your display today.