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1:24 Scale Diecast Cars & Trucks – Various

A fantastic selection of diecast cars at 1:24 scale is one of the main reasons many collectors come to Fairfield Collectibles for their mint condition models. Why shop here and there, looking for what you want in a piecemeal way when you can find it all right here in one place? We are committed to making your search for the best and most popular 1:24 diecast cars an easy one. Here you can find classics, modern models and some fun surprises. Plus, we are always running a sale and offering discounts to help you save while building one or more collections in this hugely collectible scale size.

When referring to the process of casting metal in a mold, "diecast," "die-cast," and "die cast" are all acceptable spellings. The choice often depends on regional preferences or specific industry standards.

Own the Cars You Love

Treat yourself each time you visit Fairfield Collectibles to look at our current selection. There’s always something fun and exciting to see, especially when you come here looking for a favorite make and model that you just found out that we have in stock. When you join our email list, you get first dibs on all the new goodies we’ve just added to the shop. You also get notified about discounts and sales, which in some cases, will alert you to a price drop on a 1:24 vehicle on your wish list. What a great way to build a private collection of diecast cars you'll love to admire from close up.

Find Famous Vehicles

We are also the place to shop for those 1:24 diecast model that you recognize from your favorite TV shows or movies. It pays to stop by our online store periodically to see what famous vehicles are sprinkled among our already awesome collections. These famous cars and vehicles are ones you instantly recognize or maybe have heard about from other collectors. One or more of these miniature replicas can add more fun and value to any collection you own.

Start a Second Collection

Have you thought about staring a collection of 1:24 diecast cars or 1:24 diecast trucks that is different that a current one you own? With our wide variety and great prices, you can create a second collection of vehicles you cherish.