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At Fairfield Collectibles, we offer a comprehensive lineup of diecast cars for you to browse and collect. Building a collection of diecast toy cars that caters to your individual likes, desires and tastes is easy when you have your choice of a wide variety of items. Whether you’re looking for collectible diecast cars, trucks, vans, busses, military, work vehicles or diecast model car kits, we’ve got you covered.

Start Your Collection

Now is a great time to begin collecting diecast cars. Whether you are someone who collected cars as a kid and loved it, helping a child or adult start their collection or you’ve just discovered this hobby, we are happy to inspire your first set of collectible cars. You can get started one of two ways. You can select the scaled models that you like or choose any of the model car kits we offer and do the build from scratch. Both ways are satisfying.

Find a Favorite Model

Perhaps you already have favorite car models and you want to find diecast replicas resembling ones you’ve seen in books, magazines, dealerships or at car shows. We have a lot of different makes and models on hand, and you'll likely find one or more models that will make you smile. Be sure to look through various scales to see what we have and in what sizes. We feature replicas of popular car brands, including Ford, GM, Pontiac, Dodge and Corvette.

Discover Temporary Deals

In addition to offering a vast assortment of collectible diecast cars, trucks and other vehicles, we also offer some great discounts on select models. As you check out various collections, keep your eye out for models marked “temporary sale price” to take advantage of limited time sales. Or you can visit our sale collection to see what deals we are currently running.

Diecast Cars

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