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Diecast Model Car Kits – Metal Model Car Kits

Fairfield Collectibles is your reliable resource for finding the most desirable and popular model car kits to build in your spare time. We know you’re always looking for model car kits that inspire you to want to spend however long it takes to build an awesome car from scratch. We can help you find all sorts of cool car models, including currently available metal model car kits. Your journey to a satisfying build begins as soon as you start browsing this collection. There’s a must-have model car kit to excite every diecast model builder. Browse to find early vintage models, sporty classics, iconic cruisers, trucks and modern favorites.

Hands-On DIY Fun

You’re always up for the challenge of building a model vehicle, whether it's a model car, van, truck or maybe even a plane. Whatever you like to build, you should browse our selection of model car kits to find one or more kits to work on when you’re in a model building mood. We feature kits that are popular among DIY diecast model builders from all over, and we think you’ll find that special car that captures your attention for all the right reasons. We know you want your builds to be fun and what’s more fun than putting together a cool sports car, cruising car or rugged truck?

Great Variety of Kits

Everyone has his or her own interests when it comes to model kits, and we offer a good variety of kits so that diecast kit enthusiasts can find something they like. Keep checking back (or join our email list) to see what new kits we’ve added to this collection.

Build Your Fantasy Vehicle

Everyone has a dream car they would love to build, and you may even have more than one. That’s great because we often carry kits for fantasy car models that you just know are going to be the coolest new additions to your display. These cars may exist in real life or only in the realm of a popular TV show or movie. Regardless, they become real for you as soon as you connect those final pieces.


Model Kits

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