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1958 Packard 58L Hardtop - Red 1:43 Scale Cast Resin Model Car by Esval Models

Esval Models

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1:43 Scale
5" Long
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Esval Models Unleashes Exclusive 1958 Packard 58L Hardtop in Red - Limited Edition Collector's Item

Discover automotive elegance with Esval Models' Limited Edition 1958 Packard 58L Hardtop in striking red. A meticulously crafted 1:43 scale cast resin model, this collector's item is produced in a limited run of only 250 units. Hand-finished with exquisite detail, it showcases a lavish interior, authentic chrome trim, and the iconic soaring tailfins that defined the era. The deluxe whitewall tires add a touch of vintage class to this timeless representation of 1950s luxury. With its distinct charm and limited availability, this model is a must-have for enthusiasts and collectors alike, capturing the essence of Packard's glory in a scale model that transcends time.


  • Limited Edition 1958 Packard 58L Hardtop - Red Cast Resin Model Car
  • Limited Product of Only 250 Built
  • Masterfully Crafted & Finished by Hand
  • Incredible Interior Detailing
  • Loaded with Authentic Chrome Trim
  • Soaring Tailfins
  • Deluxe Whitewall Tires