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1970 Plymouth Cuda - Pork Chop's Somethin Fishy 1:18 Scale Diecast Model Car by Acme


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1:18 Scale
10" Long
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Own a Piece of Hollywood History with the 1970 Plymouth Cuda - Pork Chop's Somethin Fishy!

Get ready to dive into Hollywood history with the 1970 Plymouth Cuda - Pork Chop's Somethin Fishy! This limited-edition die-cast collectible brings to life the iconic Cuda featured in memorable moonshine-running tales. With meticulous detailing, including fully plumbed and wired 426 HEMI under the hood, precision interior detailing, and front and rear spoilers, this model captures the essence of the golden era of muscle cars. It even comes with its own moonshine cargo in the trunk, just like the adventurous stories of Ol' Pork Chop and Crazy Ben. Whether you're a movie buff, a car enthusiast, or a collector, this Cuda is a must-have piece of Hollywood and automotive history.


  • Limited Edition die-cast Collectible - 426 Produced
  • Hood, Doors & Trunk Open
  • Masterfully Wired & Plumbed 426 HEMI Under the Hood
  • Precision Interior Detailing with Full Instrumentation, Fabric Seatbelts & Roll Cage
  • Front & Rear Spoilers
  • Trans Am Wheels
  • Nitrous Bottle in the Trunk
  • Smooth Rolling Rubber Tires & Posable Steering
Ol' Pork Chop and Crazy Ben were taking it easy doin some fishin at their favorite spot near Pine Sap. The wuz doin pretty fair pullin them out the water when PC said, ""I've got to make a shine run to Dawsonville tonight, you wanna help?" Crazy Ben said " I here tell that the laws been checking everything that runs near Dawsonville, how we gonna get by?" PC replied, "Well you know I've been workin on that Cuda and I've got er ready to run. Let's catch a mess of fish and stuff them in the burlap bags and cover the goods in the trunk." " Let em get to smellin and the cops won't come near". "It'll take all dang day to catch enough to cover that trunk and we ain't got the time" Ben said. PC thought on it for a spell and said, "Well this here boom stick'll get the job done, now sit down and quit your whinin while ol' PC here gets the job done." Well, that's what they done and it took the boys most of the afternoon to gather them up. Then they covered the shine with and old roof tarp and layered the bags of fish over the top. That evening they took off for Dawsonville and it's a bit of a drive to get there. On the way, that load of fish started to stank something terrible, and Crazy Ben could hardly stand it. PC said, "I don't like it but it's gonna get us through. Sure enough as they got near Dawsonville, the law had set up a road block. Well, as they were in line the cars behind them started to back up and turn around and the law wuz sure givin them the eye. When the pulled up the deputy had covered his face and said, "What the devil you carryin in the heap, manure or what?" The PC started spinnin a yarn about their fishin and how much they caught and the deputy said, "I don't give a hoot about your fishin, get that stanky contraption outta here!" So, PC dropped the hammer on the 426 Hemi engine and sped away. Crazy Ben said, Theys gonna come after us, slow down." PC just smiled and said, "First off they ain't gonna catch us, and trust me, they don't want nothin from this car.