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Ferrari FXX K EVO R&P - Blue #27 1:18 Scale Diecast Model Car by Bburago


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Manufacturer Sku:
18-16012\Blue #27
Car Make:
1:18 Scale
10" Long

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Extreme Performance - Ferrari FXX K EVO R&P

Experience extreme performance with the 1:18 scale Ferrari FXX K EVO R&P in Blue #27 by Bburago Diecast Model Car. This precision diecast model, measuring 10 inches long, captures the spirit of the FXX-K, built as a testbed for extreme performance. The hood, gullwing doors, and rear engine cover open to reveal an eye-popping flat crank V-12 engine under the clamshell rear engine cover. Loaded with downforce-enhancing aero aids, including dive planes, front splitter, rear diffuser, and wing, this diecast model is a true masterpiece that pushes the boundaries of speed and design.


  • Precision Diecast Model
  • Hood, Gullwing Doors & Rear Engine Cover Open
  • Eye-Popping Flat Crank V-12 Engine Under the Clamshell Rear Engine Cover
  • Brilliant Formula 1 Inspired Race Ready Cockpit
  • Loaded with Downforce Enhancing Aero Aids Including Dive Planes, Front Splitter, Rear Diffuser & Wing
  • Enhanced Carbon Fiber Look Details Throughout
  • Smooth Rolling High Performance Rubber Tires
Ferrari built the FXX-K as a testbed for extreme performance! With 1,035 combined electric and fuel burning hp and advanced aerodynamics the FXX-K pushes the boundary of speed. Ferrari guards these missiles at their Fiorano test track where owners can drive them flat out. This precision diecast captures the FXX-K to perfection!