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Top Gun F-14 Tomcat Building Block Model - 757 Pieces 1:48 Scale Snap Model Kit by COBI Toys


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1:48 Scale
15" Long
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  • Building Block Model Kit
  • 757 Snap Lego Style Blocks
  • Straight From the Original Top Gun Movie
  • Fun to Build & Display
  • F-14 Tomcat Wings Swing Forward & Back Just Like the Real Plane
  • Includes Maverick & Goose Figures
  • Landing Gear Retracts & Canopy Opens
  • Display Stand Included
The Grumman F-14 TOMCAT is the legendary American carrier-based supersonic fighter. Its distinguishing feature is the variable geometry of the wings. The fighter was developed and produced by Grumman Corporation. It was intended to defend the fleet by gaining air superiority. It was also used for tactical reconnaissance. Later modifications made it possible to carry bombs intended for ground strikes. The F-14 entered service with the U.S. Navy in 1972. The main user was the United States. Seventy-nine Tomcats were exported to Iran in 1976, some of which are still in use today. The official decommissioning of the aircraft from the US Navy took place on September 22, 2006. The F-14 TOMCAT fighter gained great fame not only because of its amazing appearance and variable wing geometry, but also because of its being part of the blockbuster film TOP GUN from 1986. The main character of Maverick (Tom Cruise) was an F-14A TOMCAT fighter pilot in the iconic movie! The COBI F-14 TOMCAT is a unique aircraft model released under the original TOP GUN™ and NORTHROP GRUMMAN license. Legendary film pilot Pete "Maverick" Mitchell and his partner "Goose" fly just such a two-seater. Relive the excitement of TOP GUN by building your own F-14 in 1:48 scale. The model was faithfully reproduced from 757 COBI construction blocks and includes high-quality prints faithfully reproducing the original markings of the movie aircraft. The model is equipped with movable wings with variable geometry, retractable landing gears and rotating wheels. There is a large arsenal of weapons under the wings. In the cabin you can place both the film aviators, and their seats are even signed (Maverick & Goose)! The figures accurately recreate the appearances of the film's heroes and are equipped with characteristic helmets and oxygen masks. The set also includes an elegant display stand and a plaque containing the name of the plane and the logo of the film. This exclusive licensed set is definitely a great gift idea for every movie, aviation and military fan, regardless of age. The plane also looks perfect in an elegant study or in a teenager's room.