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1928 Rolls Sport Phantom Diecut Model Car by Old Modern Handicrafts

Old Modern Handicrafts

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13 1/2" Long
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Vintage Majesty: 1928 Rolls Sport Phantom Diecut Model Car

Step back in time with the 1928 Rolls Sport Phantom diecut model car by Old Modern Handicrafts, a true embodiment of style and class. This precision-crafted replica captures the elegance of the original Rolls Sport Phantom, renowned for its luxury and grandeur. The model features a detailed vintage metal body that exemplifies the craftsmanship of the era, complemented by full interior detailing that brings the luxury of the 1920s to your fingertips. Rolling metal wheels and tires add a realistic touch, making this model not just a static showpiece but a testament to the engineering marvels of its time. Perfect for collectors and aficionados of classic luxury cars, this 1928 Rolls Sport Phantom model is more than just a collectible - it's a piece of automotive history that ignites conversations and admiration.


  • Precision 1928 Rolls Sport Phantom Diecut Model Car
  • Oozing Style & Class
  • Detailed Vintage Metal Body
  • Full Interior Detailing
  • Rolling Metal Wheels & Tires
  • A Fantastic Showpiece
  • A Great Conversation Piece