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1933 Duessy - Red Diecut Model Car by Old Modern Handicrafts

Old Modern Handicrafts

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14" Long
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Timeless Elegance in Miniature: 1933 Model J Diecut Model Car

Indulge in the swanky and stylish allure of the 1933 J Model with this precision-crafted diecut model in striking red by Old Modern Handicrafts. Meticulously handcrafted of iron and scaled to a size of 1:12, this model is an exact replica of the iconic 1933 Duessy. Featuring classic wheels with spokes and rolls with the same grace as the original vehicle. The attention to detail is impeccable, with a hood ornament, convertible top, and securely welded exterior elements such as spare wheels. This vintage-inspired masterpiece includes a 100% iron frame, metal wheels that roll, a canvas soft-top, and full interior detailing. A fantastic showpiece and a great conversation starter, this diecut model is a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate timeless automotive elegance.


  • Precision 1933 Duessy - Red Diecut Model Car
  • Swanky and stylish, this red 1933 J Model was handcrafted of iron. Scaled to size 1:12, this Model J is an exact replica of the original 1933 model. Featuring classic wheels with spokes, this signature model rolls just like the actual vehicle. Complete with hood ornament and convertible top, the signature 1933 Model J is an admirable piece of beauty that is a must-have for any collector or enthusiast! • 100% iron frame • Metal wheels • Wheels roll • Canvas soft-top • Includes seats, steering wheel, and small details on dash • Exterior details such as the spare wheels are securely welded on
  • Detailed Vintage Metal Body
  • Full Interior Detailing
  • Rolling Metal Wheels & Tires
  • A Fantastic Showpiece
  • A Great Conversation Piece